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At Jedtco You Can Always Expect The Best

Full Service Laboratory

All materials Jedtco receives are thoroughly tested and measured for specific properties and requirements before going into production.  We meet specifications of the American Society of Testing Material, the Aerospace program as well as various military and federal specifications.


As an example of the need to meet high durability requirements for extreme heat or cold, Jedtco manufactured the seals for NASA's Edward Hubble Space Telescope that was launched into space in 1990.

Tooling And Machining Processes


Jedtco has a turn-key operation that includes highly developed tooling and machining processes that enable us to reduce the time and cost to manufacture molds and produce parts in a wide assortment of dimensions and shapes.


We maintain more than 9,000 dies on file which are manufactured in-house and are made to print and specifications.  These range from simple cord or tubing to complex two-piece window seals.  We also manufacture a diverse quantity of sponge extrusions.

Quality Control


Each product is carefully inspected by experienced team members to ensure customer satisfaction and meet stringent engineering specifications.  With the aid of modern lab equipmentwe can readily measure and analyze each compound and various part components.

Production Inventory


We maintain inventory and ship products as requested to meet our customers' requirements and scheduling needs.  We ship throughout the United States and worldwide on a daily basis.

Our Team

We are extremely proud of our dedicated team of workers who have years of experience in the manufactue of silicone rubber products.  From the inspection, compounding, and mechanized production of silicone rubber products to the fine precision work of hand trimming, hand stamping and quality inspection of each part, our customers are assured of excellent worksmanship and attention to detail.

Our Customers


We serve a wide variety of customers worldwide.  They include government and defense, aerospace, aviation, medical and dental, printing, appliance, automotive, oil and refineries, and many more.


Engineers and manufacturers frequently seek our input and expertise about silicone rubber.  It is not unusual for us to manufacture products that begin with the roughest concept drawing or the most sophisticated print specifications.


We have flexibility to respond quickly to customers' needs and provide fast turnaround to meet critical deadlines.